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Empower yourself

We have added new features which makes diabetes management even easier for you. Stay active, live a more care free life and when in need, get support from a healthcare provider regardless of time or place.

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Automatic measurement upload

Measuring blood glucose values and then typing it manually to your phone has always been a hassle. Now you can connect your blood glucose meter with Balansio and get your values automatically uploaded to Balansio. With Balansio you can enjoy your dinner with friends or focus on your physical activity. Let your meter and phone do the work for you. Works both on Android and iOS.



A wearable app with real value

Our bolus proposal feature works on Android Wear as well.  Approve your automatically uploaded blood glucose result and add the carbs and bolus that you are about to take. The watch even shows you when to take your next injection. Fast, reliable and effortless, straight from your wrist.



My Balansio, all in one view 

See your wellness and medical information in the same report and see how your daily decisions improve your blood glucose values. Your blood glucose measurements, carbohydrates, bolus and basal information as well as activity information all in one insightful view.


Connect with your health care provider

Sometimes we may need support to make sense of our data in order to improve our health. Choose the service provider and service that fits your needs and create your own specialised care team. Share your information from Balansio and get support from a diabetes nurse or consultation from a diabetologist. This is the definition of lean and proactive health care.