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Balansio is a bolus insulin calculator for your daily help.

Balansio helps you by calculating bolus proposals for meal and correction bolus injections. It can take into account:

  • Current and previous blood glucose value
  • Planned and previously eaten carbohydrates
  • Planned and previously taken insulin dosages
  • Planned and previous physical activity
  • Time of the day
  • Events, treatments or other activities that impact your insulin need.

Balansio takes away the hassle. It provides bolus proposals based on your current and previously inputted data. It also shows and takes into account the possible residual active insulin available in your body. The insulin calculation is done based on the time of the day according to your personal daily profile.

Just a few taps and an occasional swipe.

Tracking your blood glucose levels several times a day can be cumbersome for many reasons. Balansio is designed to be used multiple times a day. The user interface is optimized for clarity and it has a fast tap input design, which allows you to see your bolus proposal while adding the data. The user interface has been designed and tested with type I diabetics. It takes less than 5 seconds to enter the blood glucose measurement value, the meal data, get a bolus proposal and submit the amount of insulin taken.


Safety and reliability above all else

Balansio is a CE certified Class 2 medical device software and includes several safety measures to ensure that the bolus proposal is correct. The proposal of the insulin calculation is provided only if all required conditions are fulfilled. Because of this a wide range of settings ensure that all everyday situations are taken into account.


Balansio key features

  • Fast data input for blood glucose, carbohydrate and bolus insulin values
  • Notes for each data type
  • Bolus insulin calculation
  • Display the amount of residual active insulin
  • Diary view from the last five days
  • Personalized settings
  • Adjustment support for activities or events that affect insulin need


Because of the sophisticated features Balansio requires a thorough first time set-uptime set-up. Please view our user guide page for more information.


Terms of Use

You can find the Terms of Use for Balansio here in English and Finnish.


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