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Have any questions about Balansio? Don´t worry, this page provides you with material to get up and running with Balansio or to find answers to any trouble that you may have experienced.


Product information

Product name: Balansio Mobile


User guides for Balansio Mobile 1.1


Tutorial videos (eng)

Tutorial videos (fin)

Common questions about Balansio

Does Balansio work on my phone?
Balansio currently supports devices running Android 4.4 or newer and iOS 9.0 and newer. We recommend you to check your phone specifications from its settings.

I am type 1 diabetic. Does it mean I can use Balansio?
Yes. Balansio is designed for type 1 diabetics and all other diabetics who are insulin dependent.

I do not know how to manage my settings. What should I do?
We recommend to manage the settings together with your personal health care personnel, e.g. your local diabetes nurse or doctor, as it is mentioned in the user guide. Also, for more information, subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials.

Does Balansio work on iPhone?
Yes! But please note, that Balansio for iPhone does not yet have all the features as for Android. We are working hard to bring both applications to the same level and will keep you posted.

In case you do not find what you are looking for and need more help, feel free to contact us so that we can help you.