It is time for a revolution

Better care results with lower costs


AS EVERYONE KNOWS, diabetes cannot be treated in appointments held few times a year. Still, the current care model is largely based on pre-scheduled, calendar-based appointments. It is also known that diabetes is managed by those daily choices - good or bad - made by the diabetics. The question is, how can we help the diabetics to make the right choices with limited care resources?



organise the diabetes care in a new way

IT IS TIME to rethink how to enable better focus on patients who need help the most. The key is to put automated clinical intelligence into work to follow up and help the patients directly. This leaves more time for the professionals to focus on those who need intervention. With Balansio, all appointments and other patient interactions are purposeful and based on patient needs.



Solve Your resource constrains

TODAY, the ever increasing number of new diagnosed patients makes it hard for the clinics to provide care for everyone. The traditional care model has been maxed out already some time ago. The new Balansio care model with high level of automation and artificial intelligence enables the clinic to double the number of patients while providing better and more concentrated care. 



Major savings in public healthcare

IN EVERY COUNTRY billions after billions are spent to take care of diabetes-related complications (blindness, amputations, kidney failures, etc.).  The good news is that with Balansio care model most of these complications (over 60%) can be avoided. Small pieces of daily learning are the key to avoid complications and to realize major savings in public healthcare worldwide.



More patients and new business models

BALANSIO care model enables local clinics to reach wider customer base. The inbuilt recurring revenue model improves customer retention. Once patients become familiar with professional support as part of their daily life they cannot live without it. In addition, Balansio enables clinics to provide periodic programs like "Lower your HbA1c", "Take hypos under control", etc. 



smart insurances for diabetics

TRADITIONALLY diabetics have been ruled out from healthcare insurances due to the risk of complications and other extensive costs. With Balansio, it is possible to show that the care balance and the management of diabetes are in such control that insurances can be offered. This is all about the new data driven risk management not traditionally been possible in healthcare. 



It is time to change, look forward and make a difference

BALANSIO is a holistic care platform provided as a service for diabetes clinics and other professional care providers to extend their clinical services beyond the appointments and to reach the diabetics in their daily life.


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