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Application or module LICENSING

Enrich your application or care system with Quattro Folia's CE marked and CE certified clinical algorithms to better serve your customers. There are several options available for integration: medical device module integration to be part of your application, app-to-app integration with Balansio application on mobile or cloud-to-cloud integration with Balansio system. 

Licensing Quattro Folia's functionality enables you to provide demanding clinical functionalities to your customers with faster time to market. All licensing and integration projects are different, hence contact us and let's discuss more.

Integration optiOns


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Balansio system

If you are an EHR, PHR or other healthcare information system provider and you are looking for how to provide out-patient professional care system functionalities for your customers, by integrating Balansio as part of your system, you can add a whole new domain of functionality with latest technology and clinical intelligence without investing in developing it yourself. Typically cloud-to-cloud integrations can be fast and cost effective especially, if your system is supporting modern web interfaces (FIHR). If needed, we can work with legacy interfaces as well.


Balansio application

If you have a solution or mobile application targeted for people with diabetes, you can extend your mobile application functionalities by integrating directly (app-to-app) to Balansio application. Application integration keeps the regulatory boundary clear and Quattro Folia remains the manufacturer for the functionalities provided by Balansio application. 


Bolus calculator (module)

Quattro Folia's Bolus Calculator provides rapid-acting insulin dosage calculation traditionally found in high-end insulin pumps. The bolus calculator helps individuals to estimate the required dosage of rapid-acting insulin (U100). The module is CE certified class 2b medical device. By integrating with the module, you can add bolus calculation functionality into your application. 



Quattro Folia's A1c Estimator calculates user's estimated HbA1c value based on their glucose measurement results and HbA1c laboratory tests. The unique algorithm provides the estimation with similar accuracy to laboratory tests and enables users to follow-up how their diabetes management affects their long term care balance and risk of complications. In order to get the estimation user needs to make around 2 SMBG per day and store 2 laboratory-HbA1c test results per year. The Estimator is a CE marked medical device.


Basal titrator (Module)

Quattro Folia's Basal Titrator enables automated long-acting insulin titration for patients. The module calculates insulin dosage proposals based on user's personalized settings, and searches and maintains the correct insulin dosage automatically without HCP interaction. The Titrator is intended for adults with type 2 diabetes using long-acting insulin.

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