Modern Learning solutions for healthcare

A mobile optimised learning platform enabling vendors and clinics to provide e-learning solution for professionals and patients - Including test questions and certifications for completed courses.

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what is mobile learning


Education is transforming into mobile - learning solutions always in your pocket.

Quattro Folia provides a mobile optimised learning platform for healthcare technology, medication, clinical service providers and other interest groups. Transforming your learning material into mobile optimised format is fast and easy. With the solution you can include quizzes and provide certificates to those who have completed your courses. This can be valuable when educating your own staff, partners, healthcare professionals as well as patients. 



  • Targeted: Right information to right user
  • Effective: Well-formed bite-sized lessons
  • Scale: Reach and train larger groups
  • Easy: Browser-based, no apps
  • Lower costs: Reduce classroom training
  • Methods: Finnish education and mobile gaming know-how



  • Existing learning material can be used as bases for the new learning solution
  • Quattro Folia optimises the material for mobile
  • Acceptance by the content owner
  • Quattro Folia deploys the learning solution
  • Content owner distributes the new learning solution as links to their target audience
  • Ready in 6-8 weeks

let’s make learning easier together. 

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Learning Solutions
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