Quattro folia has launched balansio mobile, a ce certified mobile application for diabetes care

Espoo, Finland – Quattro Folia Oy has today launched Balansio Mobile, an application designed for insulin dependent diabetics to calculate bolus insulin dosages several times day.

Balansio Mobile changes the way how insulin dependent diabetics can handle their condition. Based on resent studies over 50% of diabetics using bolus insulin do not know how to calculate required bolus insulin amount correctly. By using the Balansio Mobile application user don’t need to remember their previous blood glucose measurements, eaten carbohydrates, bolus insulin dosages taken, etc. Balansio Mobile takes all relevant data into account when providing the bolus proposal for the user.

Compared to majority of available bolus calculators, Balansio Mobile has a number of safety measures implemented to prevent inappropriate bolus proposals. In addition, it enables the user to set personalized possible range for the bolus proposal.

Balansio Mobile is a CE certified class 2b medical device.

Balansio Mobile is available on Google Play free of charge.

About Quattro Folia
Quattro Folia Oy is a privately owned Finnish software company. Quattro Folia offers
solutions for supported self-care for individuals with chronic diseases. All Quattro Folia’s
software is produced and procured in compliance with the company’s EN ISO 9001 and
EN ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System.


Harri Okkonen
CEO of Quattro Folia