New augmented clinical intelligence solution for assisted diabetes self care

Quattro Folia announces the release of Balansio 2.0, its new, highly automated service to aid people with diabetes and their care teams.

Espoo, Finland – September 9th 2017

Quattro Folia Oy, the leading provider of medical software devices for assisted self-care, today announced the release of Balansio 2.0, a new cloud service for the health care. The Balansio platform, with its revolutionary Augmented Clinical Intelligence capabilities, provides a faster and more efficient way for health care professionals to perform their clinical care activities.

Balansio is designed to make the life of people with diabetes easier. Individuals with diabetes face challenges on daily bases like dosing insulin. At the same time, it is essential to manage also the long-term care balance. The daily task of managing insulin dosages is solved by Quattro Folia’s Bolus Calculator providing diabetics with multiple daily insulin injections treatment the same level of bolus calculator as can be found on insulin pumps. For the long-term care balance of managing the Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) level, Balansio reduces the need to get a laboratory test done but Balansio shows daily calculated, highly accurate, continuous A1c estimation.

Balansio helps patients to take control of their condition with the combined support of healthcare professionals and Augmented Clinical Intelligence. The service is designed to transform current appointment-driven care practices into patient need-driven health care, enabling doctors, nurses and other professionals to focus on those patients requiring attention at the moment. This is achieved by the highly automated collection of patients’ self-care data, applying advanced analytics and algorithms, which adapt individually. Patient data and other findings can be accessed by both the patient and the professional. Balansio also provides efficient and secure communication between the patient and the care team.

“Quattro Folia has gained a lot of interest among big pharma and diagnostics companies with our CE certified (class 2b) leading edge bolus calculator” says Vice President of Marketing, Paulus Carpelan. “On this release, we are proud to introduce the CE marked continuous A1c estimator, one of the most accurate in the market place.”

“Balansio provides a data-driven, mobile and individual centric platform. It includes all the basic components for telehealth and device integration needs” says Toni Pakarinen COO of Quattro Folia. “What differentiates us from others is that our platform now has an Augmented Clinical Intelligence layer which enables the efficient use of independent medical device algorithms as well as clinical assistance algorithms.”


About Quattro Folia and Balansio

Balansio is developed by Quattro Folia, a high-tech company founded in 2012 focusing on value-based healthcare solutions. Quattro Folia offers Balansio ecosystem for both large and small healthcare service providers who want to transform their current health care services into next generation, value based, time and place independent on-line services.

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