Balansio service is being tested in a remote care trial of DigiSote project. 

DigiSote+Balansio (1).png

Quattro Folia is participating in North Karelian DigiSote trial. The trial focuses on remote care for diabetics. DigiSote is funded by European Social Fund (ESF) and it is one of the biggest ongoing health care projects in Finland. In the trial, current best practices are being challenged and iterated by utilizing new types of services, care practices and technology. The purpose of DigiSote is to find new innovative solutions for the public health care sector in North Karelia.

During the trial, health care professionals and individuals with diabetes use Balansio service to gain new insights of remote care in diabetes management. Balansio ́s built-in insulin dosage calculator is used as part of the trial to gain and maintain a better glycemic control. The trial began on 11.5.2017 and will continue for three months. The trial ́s purpose is to find out how a remote care service, such as Balansio, affects the patients’ care balance and motivation as well as how it affects the work efficiency and experience of the health care professionals.


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